Palsgaard announces new CEO

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Palsgaard A/S is pleased to announce that Helle Müller Petersen will join Palsgaard as Chief Executive Officer as of 9th January 2023.

Helle is a highly experienced business leader who has worked in senior roles within the food and beverage industry around the world. She will succeed Jakob Thøisen, who will join the Board of Directors of the Schou Foundation.

“I am excited to welcome Helle to the Palsgaard family,” said Anders Brix (CEO of the Schou Foundation which owns Palsgaard and chairman of Palsgaard A/S). “Her track record, depth of international experience and fit to our corporate culture makes her an ideal leader to build on the great work of Jakob and the rest of our heart working people.”

Helle joins Palsgaard from a position as Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Denmark for Arla Foods. Her career includes 25 years with Carlsberg Group within sales and marketing and includes management positions in Nepal, Croatia, China and Malaysia.

Helle is a native of Denmark and holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Odense. She is married and has two children.

Commenting on her new role as CEO, Helle said, “I see a strong fit between Palsgaard’s corporate values and focus on ESG and my personal values. Furthermore, I appreciate that I will be joining a company which is owned by a foundation and therefore has a long-term view on how to strengthen and grow a business. I look forward to joining Palsgaard’s leadership team and building on the great foundation and growth potential in the business”.

Jakob Thøisen will succeed Rasmus Christiansen on the Board of Directors of the Schou Foundation from January 2023.

Jakob Thøisen joined Palsgaard in 2004 as Chief Commercial Officer and took on the role of CEO in 2011. During Jakob’s tenure the business has experienced continued growth and he is leaving a company which has never been in a stronger position. He now wants to pursue a career as a professional board member.

“Jakob has played a crucial role in the growth and globalization of our company over the past two decades. I am therefore happy that we can continue to draw on his experiences in the Board of Directors of the Schou Foundation and Palsgaard A/S,” said Anders Brix.

Rasmus Christiansen turned 70 years old earlier in 2022 and is according to the statutes of the Schou Foundation obliged to step down at the end of the year. Rasmus has served on the board for more than 20 years. “I want to thank Rasmus for his long-time contribution to the Schou Foundation and Palsgaard,” said Anders Brix.

Helle Müller Petersen starts as new CEO for Palsgaard A/S on 9 January 2023

About Palsgaard

Emulsifier specialist Palsgaard helps the global food industry make the most of its products.

Thanks to the company’s specialized emulsifiers (and emulsifier/stabiliser systems), bakery, confectionery, condiments, dairy, ice cream, margarine and meat producers can improve the quality and extend the shelf-life of their products. Just as importantly, they can produce better-for-you products with improved taste, mouthfeel and texture while using fewer resources.

Since its founder Einar Viggo Schou invented the modern plant-based food emulsifier in 1917, Palsgaard has offered the industry know-how and innovation. From its six application centres around the world, Palsgaard’s experienced food technologists help manufacturers optimize existing recipes and develop delicious products with better nutritional profiles.

Palsgaard helps manufacturers meet consumer and regulatory demands for greater responsibility, helping them grow and protect their brands. It is currently the world’s only commercial source of fully sustainable, emulsifiers based on RSPO SG-certified palm oil and produced by CO2-neutral factories in Denmark, the Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, China and Malaysia. The company’s products are non-GMO and meet halal and kosher requirements.

In addition to its food emulsifiers, Palsgaard supplies the polymers industry with a series of plant-based and food-grade polymer additives, which are particularly suited for preventing fogging and dust on plastic packaging.

Palsgaard is owned by the Schou Foundation and has 650+ employees across 17 countries. Its turnover in 2021 was 260 million USD (1.8 billion DKK) with products sold to more than 120 countries.

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