Working for Palsgaard

The recipe for a good working life

At Palsgaard, we are committed to what we do. Therefore, you will find that many of our employees have been here for many years and that our staff turnover is amazingly low. In fact, over 280 Palsgaard people have been awarded the Palsgaard medal, for service of either 25 or 40 years.

The recipe, you ask? The recipe is too long to put down here, but we are happy to share with you some of the ingredients:

  • We will look after you, not simply so you can give us more, productive hours but also because we want you to build a fulfilling career with us. We want you to enjoy your working life and your free time
  • And there must be time for it all - so all employees have an extra holiday week
  • We have tried to create inspiring environments at all our locations and we are told we are kind and considerate to our colleagues, treating them with respect and respecting their differences.

If you like the recipe – please don’t hesitate to send an unsolicited application.

We deliver great experiences everywhere

Creamy ice cream, low-fat yoghurt, fluffy cakes with the right crumb structure or vegetables packed in a fog-free packaging. Taste, aroma, texture, and appearance are crucial to our experience of food and other everyday products. We help companies around the world to deliver great experiences to their customers.

In food production, emulsifiers and stabilisers are important for the final experience of the food. It requires knowledge to apply these ingredients to create products with unique properties. We develop and supply knowledge as well as the ingredients and additives necessary in the production of food and more sustainable packaging, so that our customers can make exactly the products that global consumers want.

CSR is part of our DNA

Since Einar Viggo Schou founded Palsgaard more than 100 years ago, sustainability and responsibility have been part of the company's culture. For him, this meant taking good care of the employees and their families as well as the local community around Palsgaard. Of course, we still do this, but now on a more global scale. For example, all our 6 factories around the world are CO2-neutral, just as we only use sustainable RSPO certified palm oil in our production and work strategically to contribute to the achievement of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.