New warehouse in Denmark taking form


As you can see from this great time-lapse video, the concrete elements which help house the new shipping area, and the steel structures for the high bar warehouse are taking form quickly. 

Ground was broken on a new warehouse facility in July 2019 to the north of the current production site. Over 100,000 cubic metres of earth will be moved by the time the project is completed.  

The new warehouse will provide space for around 20,000 pallet locations operated by 6 cranes. The total footprint of the warehouse expansion will be around 9.000 m2.It ensures that we are able to consolidate our Danish warehousing in one location – giving advantages to our ability to service orders and manage stock.  

Despite some poor weather conditions in December (lots of rain), the project is progressing according to plan. The building is scheduled to be finalized by June 2020 and the full construction including the automation is scheduled to be finished in late 2020 and be fully operational by early 2021. 

Work with the supplier of the material handling equipment and the WMS (Warehouse Management System) is also progressing according to plans.  

If you would like more information on the project, please contact Torben Dahl Hansen via [email protected].