Welcome to the first Palsgaard Partner Bulletin of 2020!

Significant results in 2019 

Palsgaard achieved a healthy sales volume in 2019, on par with our 2018 sales, and whilst this was below our initial ambitions, a number of world events and factors outside of our control made the final results satisfactory in the wider context. 

We also achieved CO2-neutral production status – and as the first in our industry to do so, have enjoyed significant media and industry praise for leading the way in this important area. Winning the Sustainability Champion Award at the FiE Innovation Awards in December was a fantastic way to sign off the year on this front. In 2020 we will continue to look at investments which reduce our carbon and environmental footprint. 

Looking forward to 2020 

2020 promises to be full of exciting new developments for Palsgaard and our partners throughout the world.  
It will be the year when our new facility in San Luis Potosi in Mexico is completed and will provide our business in the Americas much needed extra capacity and application capabilities. 

The new year also brings the availability of a 33% increased capacity in PGPR production at our Palsgaard Netherlands site. This expansion has been created to meet demand for our highly regarded PGPR products - and we look forward to launching a new PGPR product in early 2020.  

At our Juelsminde (Denmark) production site, 2020 will see continued investments to expand our pellet, liquid and powder capacity, and our new automated Warehouse and Distribution Centre is taking form on a daily basis 

Our Malaysian facility experienced a fantastic turnaround in 2019, achieving sales of over 1000 tons per month towards the year end. This was a significant improvement on previous years, and 2020 promises to be even better for our partners who source from this production facility.  

A partner for 2020 and beyond 

You can be assured that with Palsgaard, you have a partner who is investing in all areas of our business – from R&D to production and distribution – whilst keeping our CSR obligations central to our actions.  

On behalf of everyone at Palsgaard around the world, I wish you the very best for both your business and family for 2020,  and look forward to continuing our strong relationship. 

Kind regards,

Jakob Thøisen

CEO, Palsgaard A/S