Supporting the future of food

Palsgaard’s Research and Development company, Nexus, hosts work placements for international food engineering students, and our laboratories collaborate with them on independent development projects.

Lending a helping hand

Whenever possible, Palsgaard assists people to further their education or keep their jobs at the company under special circumstances.

This includes people in flexible jobs, students from Denmark and abroad carrying out their practical work, and others in job rotation schemes.

Scholarship programme

Palsgaard has a scholarship programme to support students in a food technology, science or nutrition qualification. It assists applicants who come from a low-income family, helping to pay for tuition fees, books, living expenses, and other study-related expenses.

Applicants must be a first-year student enrolled full time, have good moral standing and good grades. Throughout the duration of studies, grades are provided to Palsgaard for review before funding is released.

Our subsidiary in Singapore selects two stu­dents per year. The programme also extends to the Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. 

Education worldwide

We also work with students in our other subsidiaries including three students in our subsidiary in Mexico and one in the Malay­sian subsidiary.