Share our expertise in our global bakery application centres

Optimise your recipes with us

At Palsgaard, we like nothing better than to co-create with our customers. We focus on your needs and what you want your cakes and premixes to do. Want to create a new gluten-free cake? Reduce costs? Lower the fat content of an existing one? Improve nutritional profiles or reduce ingredient lists? Or analyze your cake moisture? We're ready to advise you on any matter, performing trials in our own application centres or working tirelessly alongside you on location to help solve even the toughest of challenges. 

Global service

Our well-equipped application centres in Denmark, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Türkiye and China enable us to work closely with customers, testing and creating new recipes and solutions for cake pre-mixes to meet a wide range of consumer demands. You may also benefit from our temperature and moisture-controlled chambers for shelf-life tests, and from our equipment for measuring water activity, water content, volume and softness of the cakes after baking. Our industrial-scale mini-factories help us make realistic trials that can easily be scaled up to industrial size.

We also offer theoretical and practical support which takes its starting point in your specific set-up and working conditions. In this way, implementing our activated cake emulsifiers into your recipes becomes an easy task.


How we work

Industrial-scale facilities

How many specialized emulsifier and stabilizer manufacturers can offer industrial-scale testing facilities for the bakery industry? Our central application facilities in Denmark include a fully-equipped industrial bakery where realistic industrial pilot tests are carried out on a regular basis. Industrial-sized mixers and aerators feed a dual-zone continuous band oven to accurately reflect industrial conditions. This unique setup facilitates proper upscaling and increases the likelihood of success in the market.



How we work

Cake gel testing facilities

Our application centres also include equipment for producing and testing cake gels, allowing us to advise cake gel produces on the best possible emulsifier compositions and processing parametres.