Share our expertise in our condiments application centre

Recipe optimisation and product development

If you're looking for tailor-made solutions, recipe optimisation, new product development and troubleshooting – plus creative inspiration and the right, hard-working attitude – then our technologists are ready to help you. And we've built an up-to-date, fully functional application centre to make the most of everything you want to do.

Regional expertise and top service

Taste and preferences vary greatly from region to region. That's why we place so much emphasis on understanding the exact local product needs and tastes in regional markets. Our people have this unique "local-international" experience and are dedicated to helping you meet your challenges and goals - either on location or at one of our well-equipped application centres in Denmark.

Our pilot plants are designed to match your set-up as closely as possible:

  • For batch production of cold processed mayonnaise and dressings, Palsgaard has a FrymaKoruma pilot plant, homogenizer system and high-speed mixer / Stephan mixer
  • For continuous production of hot-processed mayonnaises and sauces, we have a Gerstenberg Schröeder pilot plant.

How we work