Share our expertise in our global confectionery application centres

Optimise your recipes

Extensive expertise in rheology and chocolate flow properties, combined with state-of-the-art equipment, makes us the world leader in chocolate and confectionery emulsifiers, and we are keen to share our knowledge for the benefit of our customers.

You’ll find that a small amount of our emulsifiers will go a very long way. And by letting you take control of each step of the production process, from blending or conching to cooling, our top-of-the-range application centres allow you to fine-tune and prepare your exact chocolate recipes under controlled manufacturing conditions

Challenges solved, at our place or yours

We can advise you on any matter, performing trials in our own application centres or working alongside you on location to help solve even the toughest of challenges. We'll share our complete understanding of the complex, dynamic nature of chocolate manufacturing technology with you. 

Palsgaard's chocolate pilot plants

Palsgaard's chocolate pilot plants are equipped with mixing, refining, conching and tempering equipment, and cooling machinery used by chocolate producers around the world. We also have an all-in-one refiner/conche, suitable for the production of a wide range of confectionery articles such as chocolate, compound coatings, chocolate spreads, fillings and ice cream coatings.

With this equipment, and working closely with you, we can provide a real-world environment to study the effect of AMP, PGPR, oil binders and crystal promoters at every stage of the manufacturing process - and demonstrate the effect of a wide range of chocolate emulsifiers, even in the most complex of chocolate recipes.


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