Palsgaard Denmark, margarine, June 2014

Share our expertise in our global Oil & Fats application centres

Challenges solved, at our place or yours

At Palsgaard, we see ourselves as a valuable partner for your R&D efforts. With fully equipped application centres in Denmark, Mexico and Singapore, we're always ready to develop and test promising ideas that could provide your next product breakthrough. The plants in Denmark and Mexico are equipped with four tube chillers and two pin machines, whereas the plant in Singapore has 2 tube chillers and 2 pin machines and has a capacity of 60 kg of margarine per hour.

The set-up of the plants makes it possible for our application technologists to simulate your own production equipment – regardless of what type of margarine you are producing. We also have pasteurizing and re-melt units, too, enabling us to closely simulate your own production setup. 

We're ready to advise you on any matter, performing trials in our own application centres or working tirelessly alongside you on location to help solve even the toughest of challenges. We'll share our complete understanding of the complex, dynamic nature of margarine manufacturing technologies – and emulsifiers, in particular – with you.

It's a uniquely personal service where your specific needs and preferences, and the realities of your markets, are our focal point.


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