Palsgaard's Emulsifiers For High Ratio Shortening Help Prevent Staling In Bread V2

Kosher-certified emulsifiers and stabilisers

According to Jewish dietary law, the kashrut, foods are divided into those that are allowed be consumed (kosher) and those that are not (treif). There are three categories of kosher food - meat, dairy and pareve (neutral). Mixing meat and dairy products is strictly forbidden according to the kashrut, while pareve foods may be combined with either meat or dairy products.

Palsgaard offers a broad range of kosher pareve products, certified by the Orthodox Union (OU). These products are manufactured on dedicated kosher equipment, meaning that only raw materials that are OU-approved as pareve are processed on the equipment.

Please contact your local Palsgaard sales office to receive Kosher certificates on our certified products.