Emulsifier and stabiliser systems for condiments

Your global partner in condiments innovation

Mayonnaises, sauces, dressings – the tremendous diversity of products in the condiments category requires a broad variety of functional ingredients.

At Palsgaard, we have a large portfolio of emulsifier and stabiliser compounds available, helping you to formulate products with the exact characteristics you require. Our subsidiaries on five continents keep us abreast of the latest regional trends in consumer demand, so it's rare that new product requests catch us off guard. 

We can help you to optimise:

  • Mouthfeel and creaminess
  • Stability and water absorption
  • Fat content and viscosity
  • Shelf-life
  • Adherence
  • Pourability
  • Transparency
  • Heat/thaw stability

Shorten the time from brainstorm to supermarket-shelf

Emulsifiers and stabilisers only make up a small part of the final product, but they have a significant impact on quality. Determining the right combination is, therefore, extremely important in order to obtain desired characteristics. And our technical teams like nothing more than helping you to find that exact combination!


How we work