Crystal promoters for confectionery products

Crystal promoters for confectionery products

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Key features
  • Specialised vegetable fats for confectionery systems
  • Easy-to-melt powder
  • Works well with AMP and PGPR
  • No trans-fats and non-GMO
  • Palm-free
  • Produced in CO2-neutral factories
Key benefits
  • Faster cooling 
  • Avoidance of decreased capacity
  • Faster demoulding possible
  • Faster packaging after end production
  • Prolonged shelf-life
  • Less “start-migration”

Fast crystallisation of confectionery products

Many confectionery producers face problems when reformulating to create the healthier products that are demanded in more and more markets. Going from high-saturated fat to low-saturated fat solutions often means stability and crystallization problems in confectionery products, just as going from fast crystallizing fats to slow crystallizing fats is a well-known challenge. Palsgaard® CrystalPromoter 41 delivers the solution as the product is an excellent promoter of crystallization.

Small dosage – big effect

Palsgaard® CrystalPromoter 41 comes in powder form, which makes it easy to melt and distribute in confectionery
productions. With Palsgaard® CrystalPromoter 41 a big effect is achieved with a small dosage.
The normal procedure is to add Palsgaard® CrystalPromoter 41 during the conching step. Depending on the application a dosage of only 0.5 - 2.0% is needed to create the right effect. Palsgaard® CrystalPromoter 41 is non-GMO, trans-free and 100% vegetable fat-based. Palsgaard® CrystalPromoter 41 consists of special rapeseed oil and is therefore palm-free.

Product overview

  • Palsgaard® CrystalPromoter 41

    Palsgaard® CrystalPromoter 41 is specially designed to promote and stabilise crystallisation in confectionery products. Typical application areas are Cocoa Butter Replacers (CBR) based products and confectionery fillings.

    Palsgaard® CrystalPromoter 41 promotes and initiates beta prime crystallisation of fats with no or only limited effect on the eating quality of the product. Palsgaard® CrystalPromoter 41 is an all-vegetable, trans-free, non-GMO and fully saturated triglycerides with special crystal promoting properties.


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