Emulsifiers and stabilisers for dairy products

Your global, sustainable partner in dairy innovation

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the ingredients that go into their food and how they are produced, placing new demands on food producers and the ingredient manufacturers that serve them.

This is also true for dairy-based products. Not only must they have the right creaminess, texture, mouthfeel, stability, viscosity and shelf-life, they must also be produced using sustainable ingredients.

Palsgaard can help you check all the boxes: We offer a wide range of sustainably produced and sustainably sourced emulsifier and stabiliser blends, custom-designed to achieve the sensory properties your customers demand. And we gladly share our know-how, helping you to test and develop new recipes at our application centres in Denmark, Mexico, Turkey, Singapore and China.

Global challenges met at local levels

As a global emulsifier/stabilizer manufacturer, Palsgaard has unique insights into local requirements and trends. Our global involvement is a constant source of fresh inspiration, enabling us to help customers introduce new dairy products inspired by consumer favourites from other parts of the world.

To do this successfully, recipes need to be adapted to local preferences, requirements and production conditions. Our experienced specialists know exactly how to solve challenges such as water retention, sensory requirements, emulsion stability and raw material demands – and they are keen to share their knowledge for your benefit, too!


Co-create with us