Palsgaard Emulsifiers And Stabilisers For Sweetened Condensed Milk

Emulsifiers and stabilisers for sweetened condensed milk

We'll help you achieve optimum viscosity and texture

Key features
  • Custom-designed emulsifier/stabiliser blends for recombined milk
  • Available as integrated blends
  • Available as RSPO SG certified
  • Palm-free options available
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher / Halal certified
  • Produced in CO2-neutral factories
Key benefits
  • Creamy and smooth mouthfeel
  • Homogeneous appearance
  • Emulsion stability
  • Extended shelf-life
  • Viscosity as desired
  • Optimum product quality
The benefits of integrated emulsifiers and stabilisers

The benefits of integrated emulsifiers and stabilisers

Emulsifier/stabiliser overview

  • Palsgaard® RecMilk 137

    Palsgaard® RecMilk 137 is an integrated mixture of emulsifiers and stabilisers. Palsgaard® RecMilk 137 is developed for use in recombined, toned and fresh milk, milk drinks and related products. It is equally suited for pasteurized, UHT-treated and sterilised milk products.

    Palsgaard® RecMilk 137 does not react with milk proteins in the same way as a standard emulsifier and stabiliser solution for recombined milk. It doesn't need the effect of the proteins to keep milk powder in suspension.

    This makes Palsgaard® RecMilk 137 a natural choice in the production of e.g. recombined milk drinks with a low protein content – either due to a low protein content in the milk or when adding extra water to the end product.

    Trials have shown that with Palsgaard® RecMilk 137 it is possible to replace up to 50% of the SMP used in the production of recombined milk with water and still achieve an outstanding result.

    Since proteins are the most expensive part of the milk, Palsgaard® RecMilk 137 therefore offers you great opportunities for cost reductions in your final recipe.




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