Emulsifiers and stabilisers for plant-based drinks

Emulsifiers and stabilisers for plant-based drinks

Improve the mouthfeel and the stability of your vegan drinks

Key features
  • Custom-designed emulsifier/stabiliser blends for vegan drinks
  • Attractive cost-in-use
  • Available as RSPO SG certified
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher / Halal certified
  • Produced in CO2-neutral factories
Key benefits
  • Keeps particles in suspension throughout the shelf-life of the vegan drink to ensure no sedimentation 
  • No fat separation (creaming) via a stable emulsion
  • Longer product shelf-life
  • Improved texture
  • Richer and creamier taste
  • Top-quality plant-based drinks

Making a crucial difference

Alongside UHT technology and proper homogenisation to extend shelf-life, emulsifiers and stabilisers are crucial, especially for plant-based beverages. The right emulsifiers ensure optimal emulsion stability, reducing creaming during the entire shelf-life, while stabilisers improve the stability of proteins to minimize sedimentation during storage.

Palsgaard provides blended and integrated emulsifiers and stabilisers for use in a variety of plant-based beverages. These offer advantages such as:

  • No dust formation during handling
  • 100% uniform composition
  • Dispersibility at low temperatures
  • No requirement for pre-blending
  • Free-flowing properties

Adding stabilisers imparts thickening and stabilising properties, helping to create the network needed to suspend particles, increase viscosity and improve mouthfeel. 

Successful dosage

Achieving the right dosage is a vital parameter for success with your plant-based drinks. Under-dosing or unsuitable emulsifier/stabiliser combinations cause sedimentation, while over-dosing will cause separation and/or gellation.

Chocolate challenges

Creating a stable chocolate-flavoured plant-based beverage is more difficult than chocolate milk as it contains more fibres. A standard carrageenan system, for example, isn't good enough to hold the cocoa particulates. Another important factor in the stability of the end product is the filling temperature.

Palsgaard has developed emulsifier and stabiliser combinations suited for filling temperatures both above and below 30 degrees Celsius as well as other solutions that enable you to create refreshing plant-based drinks that can be flavoured with juice concentrates such as orange, apple, mango and more, depending on local tastes and preferences. 

Plant-based potential

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Emulsifier/stabiliser overview

  • Palsgaard® RecMilk 146

    Palsgaard® RecMilk 146 is a non-PHO blend of emulsifier and stabilisers, specifically Mono and diglycerides of fatty acids (E471), guar gum (E412 and gellan gum (E418).

    Palsgaard® RecMilk 146 is developed for use dairy- and dairy alternative beverages. May be used for particle suspension. It is equally suited for pasteurized and UHT-treated products. 

    • Attractive cost-in-use
    • Kosher / Halal certified
    • Produced in CO2-neutral factories
    • Prevents sedimentation of particles at elevated temperatures
    • Prevents separation of fat
    • Improves stability with minimal effect on viscosity
    • Reduces the formation of foam during processing and filling
    • Improves the texture of the product giving it a richer and creamier taste
    • Longer product shelf-life
    • Consultancy and technical support available from our global applications team

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  • Palsgaard® ChoMilk 173

    Palsgaard® ChoMilk 173 is a mixture of emulsifier and
    stabilisers. Palsgaard® ChoMilk 173 is developed for use in dairy drinks with reduced level of milk-solids-non-fat and dairy and plant-based products with particles to be suspended. Equally suited for pasteurized and UHT-treated products.

    • Prevents sedimentation of particles also at elevated temperatures
    • Prevents separation of fat
    • Improves the texture of the milk/plant-based drink giving a richer and creamier mouthfeel

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