Einar® Personal Care Ingredients

Two trends dominate the personal care industry today: Safety and sustainability. Naturally, consumers want to look and feel their best while also protecting the environment. Palsgaard’s Einar® series of personal care ingredients is a great solution that meets both needs, especially as they are all non-toxic, non-GMO and ethoxylate-free. All Einar® products are made from food-grade vegetable oils such as sunflower, rapeseed, and RSPO-certified segregated palm oils and produced in CO2-neutral factories.

Based on 100 years of experience in food emulsifiers, we have developed a series of plant-based high-quality personal care ingredients targeting the challenges of viscosity control, emulsion stability, consistency and texture. With Einar®, consumers can feel confident that they are using safe and sustainable products and feel great, too.

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