Palsgaard A/S to become CO2 neutral by 2020

Production of emulsifiers and stabilisers demands an extremely high amount of energy, and CO2 neutrality is a very ambitious goal to reach; a goal requiring sincere efforts and creativity. However, Palsgaard has already success stories about substantial energy savings that have been carried into effect; such as optimization of the production facilities and the installation of a straw burner for heating, fueled by straw from Palsgaard's own fields.

How to become CO2 neutral?

"As our production is a heavy energy consumer it may be necessary to supplement our energy resources with fossil fuel. In return, we will grow energy crop on our land and we also intend to install solar cells in order to contribute to CO2 reductions, but most importantly have a constant focus on reduction of energy consumption by saving and recycling" says Birger Brix, Chairman of the board.

How to purchase green energy?

Certified green energy from windmills, traded through approved RECS certificates, is an opportunity that Palsgaard has chosen for all electricity used in Palsgaard's Danish premises from 1 January 2011 in order to contribute to reduction of the global CO2-emission.

The documented green energy is produced by using one of the world's natural and non polluting energy resources - the wind. The electricity from wind turbines form part of Palsgaard's energy consumption and is purchased corresponding to the amount consumed. "The electricity in our cables will not become CO2-neutral as such, since you can't separate electricity, but we are willing to pay a little extra to make sure that new wind energy in being produced" says Birger Brix.

By making the energy savings effective through green energy realizations at Palsgaard's premises and by purchasing green energy, the company's environmental impact is reduced significantly.

Palsgaard has to be prepared for future trends and Birger Brix explains that a battery charging depot will be installed at Palsgaard in order to give visitors and employees the opportunity to charge batteries for electric cars entering the market in the time to come.

For supervision and co-operation for the extended energy saving plans, Palsgaard has allied with NRGi, a consumer owned Danish energy supplier experienced in green solutions reducing the environmental impact.

Why become CO2-neutral?

To Palsgaard it is important to contribute to bring down the CO2 strain because this is a natural part of our corporate values. Seen through the eyes of Palsgaard, the benefits of the company's climate related activities are two-fold; primarily they help support the global environment, but they also create business as the global markets show increasing preference for responsible suppliers.

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