Palsgaard publishes its first CSR report

The report is designed not only to increase the overall compatibility of our company with the environment and the climate, but also to meet key targets showing our commitment to further improve our accountability to staff, customers and the overall well being of the community.

CO2 neutral by 2020

The comprehensive report, which has been verified by an independent third party (Deloitte), includes many of our key targets and strategies for the future, for example: to be CO2 neutral by 2020, to minimize quantities of wastewater, and reduce quantities of waste and volumes of packaging. Palsgaard have also pledged to further improve: the working environment, employees' skills management and to see the integration of CSR in all our subsidiaries. The report also identifies further ambitious targets to reduce rates of injury in production and reduce raw material consumption. In our efforts to become even more dedicated to sustainability,RSPO certified palm oil in Palsgaard products will also become standard. 
Birger Brix, CEO of Palsgaard explains:
"This CSR report is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the effects of our values in 2010 and our key goals for the future. We see CSR as a journey rather than a destination. In this and future years' CSR reports, I look forward to demonstrating how we work with corporate responsibility and sustainability, and to continually set exciting new goals in the process."

With this first report, Palsgaard have declared a firm aim to act responsibly - not only at the local level but, but also globally, via effective measures to reduce our impact on the climate and the environment.

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