Palsgaard wins award for CSR reporting

About the FSR CSR-awards

Managing Director of the FSR Charlotte Jepsen explains about the awards: The CSR reports we've seen this year are of a very high quality and the awards aim to highlight the companies that through their way of doing business have shown strong social responsibility in areas such as environment, climate, and social responsibilities - and reports it in a credible, understandable and manageable way. The FSR CSR Awards differ from other awards in the area by having weight and substance. The awards are an endorsement of the quality of companies' CSR efforts."

The main award for best combined annual and CSR-report was given to pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, whereas toy-company Lego received the main report for best stand-alone CSR-report. 

Palsgaard received the award for the Best First Time CSR-Report as there is a unifying principle between the company's values and the topics selected for the CSR-strategy and the implementation of these in the company's policies, goals and targets.

About FSR

FSR - Danish Auditors is Denmark's trade organisation of auditing, accounting, tax and corporate finance. The association has 800 member firms and 6,000 individual members. The association is the voice of the Danish audit profession - a profession with an annual revenue of about 15 billion DKK.

Accepting the award

"For Palsgaard this award means a lot because our business was founded over a century ago on exactly those values ​​and attitudes towards people, environment and society, which are expressed today in CSR. Palsgaard operates globally through numerous subsidiaries - and it is our opinion, as detailed in the report, that accountability and sustainability should be further deployed in every part of our organization, as well as the supply chain" explains Managing Director Jakob Thøisen.

"It is of great importance to us that we can also satisfy our customers in their CSR demands and that our development and initiatives within the CSR area are keeping up with the supply chain demands which includes requests from the end-user. Being a player on the global market Palsgaard often faces CSR demands from international companies, and it is our intention to become known for our social responsibility", says Jakob Thøisen.

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