Our company values

Today, over one hundred years later, Palsgaard's values are fundamentally the same, albeit expressed slightly different as: 
Loyalty - Responsibility - Commitment

To be loyal, responsible and committed includes that Palsgaard as a company:

  • Is a professional and efficient business partner
  • Develops and sells products of superior quality
  • Places the customer at the centre of our activities
  • Works proactively and in a timely manner
  • Is socially responsible
  • Provides a good workplace

The values provide the following guidelines for all Palsgaard employees:

  • You take responsibility for your own work assignments as well as the unity of the company
  • You are service minded and committed
  • You carry out your duties in a timely manner
  • You take responsibility for your own learning curve
  • You contribute to increasing Palsgaard's status as providing a positive work environment
  • You are loyal to the joint decisions and agreements of the company