Become a supplier to Palsgaard

Palsgaard is supplied solely by approved suppliers. Collaborating closely with our supplying partners, we believe in balanced partnerships which are mutually benefiting and we value the great contribution that our suppliers make to enabling the success of our business – current as well as future.

Potential suppliers undergo a structured approval process through our Responsible Sourcing Programme, ensuring that Palsgaard’s need for quality raw materials are understood and can be met – placing us in the position to manufacture some of the highest quality products. The process also encompasses a food fraud vulnerability assessment.

Once a supplier to Palsgaard, ability to comply with our defined quality control procedures is critical. Regular performance reviews serve as foundation for dialogue and mutual on continuously improving.

If you would like to become a new supplier to Palsgaard and consider your business a good fit to our company, please use the contact form below to initiate the process.

All inquiries must go through this process.

Become a supplier to Palsgaard