Zero tolerance policy to bribery and corruption

Addressing bribery and corruption is a prior­ity for Palsgaard. We believe business should be conducted without facilitation payments, and internal analysis has been undertaken to highlight countries with heightened risk of corruption.

Employees must register exposure to attempted corruption, bribery or cartel formation and alert top management.

100% of targeted sales and procurement employees have confirmed that they have received guidance in anti-corruption be­haviour and signed an anti-cartel agreement.

The anti-corruption policies are outlined in a booklet, and have been circulated to select­ed employees, agents and distributors.


Our Code of Conduct describes our zero-tolerance policy to corruption and cartels. Employees receive materials outlining their duties in this respect, and all relevant employees must comply with the stance of the company and know the consequences of non-compliance.

Non-compliance with anti-cartel stipulations, for example, results in dismissal with considerable penalties.

Palsgaard has selected a suitable bribery and corruption e-learning programme, facilitated by UNGC. It was introduced in 2018 to employees with a procurement or sales role. The programme will be implemented at our headquarters and all subsidiaries.