Anti-fog additives

Why use anti-fog additives?

Fogging often appears when freshly packaged food is placed in refrigerated storage. To overcome this problem anti-fogs are used to control water condensation in the packaging.

An anti-fog will lower the surface tension of the film surface causing the water droplets to spread into a thin film instead of discrete droplets which not only guarantees high transparency, but also assures that water is not collecting in the bottom of the packaging which otherwise could deteriorate the product and shorten shelf-life.

Anti-fog additives are also used in agricultural and greenhouse film, where they prevent water droplet formation which ensure better light transmission resulting in higher crop yield.

How anti-fog additives work

Internal anti-fog additives migrate to the polymer surface where they lower the surface tension with the result that water no longer condensate as small discrete droplets but as a continuous water film. This will provide full transparency of the packaging and also help to prevent collection of moisture in the packaging that could lead to a loss of product quality and shortened shelf-life.

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