Anti-static additives

Why use anti-static additives?

Static charge on polymer surfaces can be both troublesome and hazardous. Dust and other fine particles will be drawn to the packaging surface resulting in an unattractive appearance as well as a deterioration of subsequent processing and sealing.

During production, the charge build-up can inhibit denesting and handling and result in electrostatic discharges to machinery or personnel with detrimental consequences. The key to solving these problems is the use of efficient anti-static additives which can dissipate charge from the polymer surface, thereby preventing static charge build-up.

How anti-static additives work

Most anti-static additives work by migrating to the polymer surface where they interact with ambient moisture, thus creating a conductive layer that can dissipate charge. This will eliminate the build-up of static charges and avoid dust attraction and electrostatic discharges.

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