Visit us in Hall 7.1, booth D20 to learn how our plant-based polymer additives can help you go renewable

Discover Einar® plant-based, food-grade polymer additives

This is where Palsgaard comes into play. Our full range of Einar® plant-based polymer additives provides a proven alternative to common fossil-based synthetic formulations without compromising performance or quality. The technology builds on our strong expertise in natural emulsifiers, invented more than 100 years ago for food applications and then also used as functional ingredients in other products. In plastics, such as packaging polymers, these renewable additives serve as highly effective as well as food-grade anti-fog and anti-static surfactants, dispersing aids, ageing modifiers, EPS coatings, and mould release agents.

New for K 2022

At K 2022 Palsgaard will launch its new anti-fouling additive, Einar® 981, an unquestionably safe and efficient alternative that has worldwide regulatory approval. With its origin in food-grade renewable raw materials, it is the ideal candidate to maintain the highest possible efficiency and eliminate any regulatory concerns.  

Why you should explore Einar®

Consumers today demand natural, healthy ingredients also in the polymers in which their products are packaged. At the same time, regulations on additives used in plastics are becoming stricter than ever. Therefore, compounders and masterbatch manufacturers and processors are increasingly adopting renewable additives to meet these requirements, helping their customers offer consumers a more responsible choice while implementing ambitious sustainability targets.

Manufactured exclusively from vegetable fatty acids in CO2-neutral factories, Einar® polymer additives from Palsgaard have a perfect fit in new responsible packaging solutions and are an excellent drop-in replacement for fossil-based additives in existing polymer formulations. With 100% renewable content, they mitigate fossil depletion, and by extending the shelf-life of packaged products they also contribute to the reduction of food losses in a hungry world nearing 10 billion people by 2050.

Visit Palsgaard at K 2022 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Oct 19‒26, in Hall 7, Level 1, Booth D20 to learn more about our complete portfolio of Einar® plant-based polymer additives and how they can help you go renewable.

Key features
  • Worldwide regulatory approval for food-contact applications
  • Made from sustainably sourced plant oils
  • Highly effective replacements for anti-static ethoxylated amines and amides
  • Highly effective replacements for conventional anti-fog chemistries such as glycerol monooleate or sorbitan esters
  • Internal additives for masterbatches based on polyethylene and polypropylene
  • No adverse effects on mechanical, optical, and barrier properties
  • Produced in CO2-neutral factories
Key benefits
  • No worries over use in food-contact applications
  • Removal of static charges in packaging operations 
  • Easier handling, stacking and denesting
  • Prevents dust attraction to plastic articles
  • Control of static on production lines
  • Helps reduce food waste by improving shelf-life and attractiveness
  • Keeps food wrap films and other types of packaging transparent during cold storage
  • Helps to avoid fogging from chilled and hot packaged food by preventing the formation of water droplets on the surface