Palsgaard's R and D centre Nexus develops new plant based and food grade polymer additives

The Nexus of additive chemistry

The systematic study of our chemistry in our physical chemistry and application technology laboratory, pushes the limits of our current capabilities results in insights and inspiration for optimisation of products and production processes by our synthesis group. The innovation process is strongly supported by our analysis group, investigating reaction mechanisms, characterizing final products and controlling product quality.

Shaping the future of polymer additives

From simple glycerol mono stearate (GMS) to advanced polyglycerol esters (PGEs), Nexus provides consultancy and inspiration to push the boundaries of current commercial solutions. They are able to quickly assist with lab scale synthesis of new chemistry and take it through scale up in the pilot synthesis to the production. Being responsible for Palsgaard’s analysis and chemical characterization of everything from raw materials to finished products, Nexus ensures a consistently high quality of products and new developments.

Nexus also exists to ensure independent and thorough research in the field of our chemistry and its applications. Through collaborations with educational institutions and professional networks in the industry they help keep Palsgaard at the forefront of development.

At Palsgaard, often with the assistance of Nexus, we are ready to help our customers and partners overcome challenges, solve difficult questions and provide guidance to eliminate uncertainties.